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We are a Hong Kong-based law firm dedicated to serving a wide range of clients worldwide who have business interests in Hong Kong, the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) and the Asia Pacific Region.  Our firm focus on provision of advice on probate, trust and commercial matters. We have extensive experience to handle property acquisitions and development as well as civil litigation.

Our team of lawyers has over 28 years of experience in acting for international groups, listed companies in Hong Kong, property developers, banks and financial institutions, asset management companies, trust companies as well as celebrities and artists.









Apply “user and document” access control to protect our clients’ personal information.



Understand and fulfill our clients’ goals with professional advice.


Serve our clients in collaboration with our professional associates in related fields in the PRC and overseas to better serve our clients.



Act proactively and discreetly in protecting clients’ interests.



Provide professional services in a versatile and efficient manner.



(1) Probate and Administration

(2) Will and Trust

(3) Enduring Power of Attorney 

(4) China-Related Services and China-Appointed Attesting Work

(5) Corporate and Commercial Law

(6) Litigation

(7) Banking and Finance

(8) Conveyancing

(9) Marriage Solemnization Services

(10) Company Secretarial Service

(1) 遺產承辦

(2) 遺囑認證及信託

(3) 持久授權書

(4) 中國公證及其他事務

(5) 企業/商業服務

(6) 法律訴訟

(7) 銀行和金融

(8) 物業轉讓

(9) 婚姻監禮服務

(10) 公司秘書服務

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The probate and administration process is distressful if you have lost a family member. Though the role of administrator/executor is a privilege, it can also be onerous. It takes considerable time and work to put a deceased’s affairs in order, but It may also cause tension in relationships with other family members. Legal obligations that come with the role can leave the administrator/executor open to personal liability.

Cases involve shareholdings of family businesses or domicile issues are complicated, we have extensive experience to lessen the burden of tracing and reporting on assets, and complying with regulatory requirements in Hong Kong and the PRC.

Our services include application for Letters of Administration and Probate for local and overseas clients, application for the re-sealing of foreign grants in the Hong Kong court, administration and realisation of the estate.




" Our Founding Partner, Ms. Jacqueline Yeung,

has extensive experience from her many years in the legal field. 

" 楊敏熙律師擁有多年法律服務經驗。"


Jacqueline Yeung Mun Hee has received training in an international firm and became a partner in a medium size firm in 1997.  She has practiced as a corporate/commercial and property lawyer for over 28 years.

She specializes in company and commercial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals of companies, joint ventures, agency, distribution agreements and trust matters.  She is also involved in corporate finance practice such as venture capital financing and syndicated loans transactions.

She has wide experience in all kinds of property related transactions, including sale and purchase of commercial, residential and industrial properties; tender and auction transactions; arrangements for exchange and partition of land; all types of general conveyancing matters; leases; tenancies; joint venture agreements relating to property development and advice.  She has considerable experience in residential and commercial development project works including preparation of deeds of mutual covenants, agreements and assignments.

Jacqueline has represented and given advice to listed companies, multi-national corporations, international companies, banks, financial institutions, asset management companies and celebrities.  She speaks English, Cantonese and Putonghua.

楊敏熙律師 畢業於香港大學,並分別在中國人民大學及香港城市大學取得法學碩士學位。楊律師曾於國際律師行任職,及後於1997年成為一間中型律師事務所之合伙人,累積了28年執業經驗。




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Ms. Jacqueline Yeung holds a  Bachelor of Laws degree with the University of Hong Kong and Master of Laws degrees with City University of Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China respectively. She has practiced as a corporate/commercial and property lawyer for over 25 years. 

Ms. Jacqueline Yeung specializes in company and commercial transactions, all kinds of property related transaction. Probate and Trust matters.  She is also involved in corporate finance practice such as venture capital financing and syndicated loans transactions.  Ms. Yeung is also an China-Appointed Attesting Officer appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the People's Republic of China. 






- As legal advisor for the acquisition of 70% of the issued share capital of a company holding a chain restaurant;
- As legal advisor for the sale of 40% of the issued share capital of a construction company;
- As legal advisor for the acquisition of various companies holding travel agency licences;
- As legal advisor for the acquisition of a hospital in Foshan in the PRC;
- As legal advisor for a US listed company for the acquisition of the shares and shareholders’ loans of a company incorporated in Hong Kong;
- As legal advisor for a pharmaceutical company incorporated in the United Kingdom in acquiring 51% of the share capital of a Sino Foreign Equity Joint Venture Company;
- As legal advisor for a company incorporated in the PRC in the purchase of the shares and shareholders’ loans of a film production company incorporated in Hong Kong;
- As legal advisor for a subsidiary of a listed company in the acquisition of a information technology company incorporated in Hong Kong;
- As legal advisor for a subsidiary of a listed company in acquisition of a ship;
- As legal advisor of a company incorporated in the British Virgin Island in the sale of the entire share capital of a company incorporated in Hong Kong holding land use rights and plants in Guangzhou;
- As legal advisor for more than 10 companies in the sale of shares of companies incorporated in Hong Kong or other jurisdictions holding residential and commercial sites in Hong Kong capable of future development or redevelopment;
- As legal advisor for the sale of shares of companies carrying the business of trading, beauty consultancy, information technology.

-  為客戶收購已發行股本70%的連鎖餐廳擔任法律顧問;​

-  為客戶出售已發行股本40%的建築公司擔任法律顧問;​

-  為客戶收購經營旅行社業務公司擔任法律顧問;​

-  為客戶在廣東省佛山市收購醫院擔任法律顧問;

-  為美國上市公司在香港收購一所經營生產工業材料公司擔任法律顧問;​

-  為英國註冊的製藥公司收購國內中外合資公司51%股權擔任法律顧問;

-  為中國企業收購香港電影製作公司擔任法律顧問;​

-  為上市公司的子公司收購一所香港科技公司擔任法律顧問;​

-  為上市公司的子公司收購船隻擔任法律顧問;

-  為英屬維爾京群島公司出售擁有廣州土地使用權及工廠之香港註冊公司股權擔任法律顧問;​

-  為逾十間擁有能作發展住宅及商廈用地的香港公司或海外公司出售股權擔任法律顧問;

-  為多間從事貿易、美容、資訊科技的公司出售股權擔任法律顧問。


- Advise on the corporate structure of a company intending to invest in a joint venture project in Zhengzhou for the development of 5 star hotels and commercial premises there;
- Advise on the corporate structure of a joint venture company in the development of battery and mobile phone technology;
- Advise on the joint venture company on acquisition and development of residential and commercial units.

-  為客戶在鄭州發展五星級酒店和商業發展項目的公司架構提出法律意見;​
-  為合資公司發展電池及電話技術的公司架構提出法律意見;​
-  為設立關於收購及發展住宅及商業單位之合作公司提出法律意見。


- As legal advisor for various banks concerning building mortgages, loan/facility agreements, side letters and addenda to loan agreements, guarantees and indemnities, deeds of novation and variation relating to loan agreements, promissory notes;
- Advise both foreign and Hong Kong companies on security documents such as loan agreements, assignments of insurance and earnings, assignments of rental, assignments of sale proceeds and charges over account, pledge of shares, debentures, mortgages, agreements to mortgage, deed of undertaking to mortgage, indemnities and undertakings.

-  為多間銀行就有關樓宇按揭、貸款協議、補充信件及借貸協議附錄、擔保和賠償、有關變更借貸協議期票及借據等擔任法律顧問;​
-  就外國及香港企業借貸所需文件提供法律意見,例如貸款協議、保險和收入轉讓、租金轉讓、出售所得款項及銀行存款轉讓,股份質押、債券、抵押貸款、按揭協議、彌償保證及承諾契據等。


- As legal advisor for trust matters and corporate structure for distinguished families;
- Advise on matters concerning personal management and artist agreements for celebrities;
- As legal advisor companies in all commercial contracts ranging from employment agreements, consultancy agreements, shareholders agreements, loans agreements, distributorship and non-disclosure agreements;
- As legal advisor for the owners of residential and commercial premises against the order of compulsory sale by owners holding at least 80% of the undivided shares of the units;
- As legal advisor for companies concerning surrender of land in the New Territories, application for consent to sell uncompleted developments and the subsequent sale of the uncompleted units.

-  為家族企業信託架構提供法律服務;​
-  為演藝人士的演藝經理人合約和代言人合約提出法律意見;​
-  就僱傭合同、顧問協議、股東協議、貸款協議、分銷和禁止披露協議擔任法律顧問;​
-  為反對強制拍賣樓宇之業主擔任法律顧問;​
-  為客戶放棄租賃新界土地、申請預售樓花和出售樓花擔任法律顧問

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